Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Active Listings in Logan Keep Rising

July and August are typically the best selling months for real estate in Logan. While these are the top selling months, June usually is one of the top months for getting homes under contract. There is a good number of homes for sale that are going under contract, but the number of active listings in Cache County continue to rise. If, this continues through July, we may be in for a market slowdown and softening for the remainder of the year.

Currently Cache County has 729 homes listed. Last year the number of listings peaked at 634. This includes 645 single family homes for sale and 75 condos listed on the mls. This is a lot of inventory and I'm just waiting for that number to peak but it keeps going up. Here is a break down of the number of active listings by major city:

Homes for Sale in Logan: 255
Homes for Sale in Providence: 75
Homes for Sale in Nibley: 74
Homes for Sale in North Logan: 55
Homes for Sale in Hyrum: 50
Homes for Sale in Hyde Park: 50
Homes for Sale in Smithfield: 47
Homes for Sale in Wellsville: 27

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Rick said...

That is very interesting information. With more inventory it could be a potential problem like St. George has with a lot of inventory and no one to fill the homes.

Great Post, thanks for the information.