Thursday, March 5, 2009

February Real Estate Numbers for Cache County

The Good News is that Home Sales were up in February compared with January. The bad news is that they were down by 32% compared with last year. Just 43 residential real estate listings in Cache County were reported sold.

Currently there are 725 residential homes for sale in Cache County. This is a really high number for this time of year, prices will remain soft while buyers have so much selection. There are more than 200 more active listings on the market right now than there were last year.

Interest rates are still incredibly, low and the new $8,000 tax credit should make a big difference in stimulating buyer demand. Real Estate in Logan Utah should really improve in March.


Real Estate in Utah said...

Those numbers are interesting. It really applies for all types of properties, Starter Homes, Luxury Homes, and Rural Homes. March seems to be picking up sales, and first time buyers do seem to be motivated by the $8,000 federal tax redit.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot more Cache Valley Homes for sale than I've seen. No wonder my neighbors home hasn't sold.