Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Logan Short Sales on the Rise

It looks like the number of Short Sale Homes in Cache Valley are on the rise. There are currently 38 active properties in Cache County listed on the MLS that require bank approval. Just two months ago there were just 25. With 848 active residential homes for sale in Cache County, 1 in every 23 homes for sale requires a short sale. Compared with the rest of Utah, this number is actually very low. 

Buying Utah short sale homes can sometimes be a great way too get a deal on properties. It can also be a huge hassle and waste of time you could be spend buying other homes for sale. 

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CoachingByPeter said...

Buyers must do thorough research on some info about short sale for lenders may not disclose all necessary details. There maybe some delay on the approval process due to the condition of the documents.