Friday, December 4, 2009

Hyrum Utah Homes for Sale less than $150,000

Hyrum Utah is a unique community in Cache Valley. It offers some of the most affordable homes for sale in the valley. There are many starter homes for sale in the Hyrum Area.

Currently there are 16 homes for sale in Hyrum for less than $150,000. There are also a few condos as well. Many of these homes are newer homes on the east bench of Hyrum, although some are also old farm homes in the older portions of Hyrum. Hyrum also offers condos for sale in the Elk Mountain neighborhood.

Here are some of the best deals of Hyrum homes for less than $150,000:

There are just two homes for sale in Hyrum for less than $100,000. One of them is a manufactured home, while the other is actually a partial ownership cabin up blacksmith fork canyon. This price of just $33,000 is really misleading to viewers on the MLS, as it appears that a 3,800 square foot home is just $33,000.

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