Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Q3 Cache County Home Sales Down 37.85%

For Cache Valley Real Estate, the third quarter is usually the best quarter of the year in terms of home sales. It encompasses the summer months when most people prefer moving. But not this year. Q3 home sales were way down.

So how bad were home sales during the third quarter in Cache County Utah?

Well, they were down by 37.85%, from last year, and last years third quarter stats were down from the year before that, which were down from 2007, which was down from 2006. To get things in perspective, there has only been two quarters in the last five years that had lower total home sales, both of those quarters happened during the winter.

The prices of Cache County Homes sold was down 3.43% compared with Q3 of last year. The median sales price was $161,000 while the average sales price of $179,171 was at its lowest level in four years.

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Real Estate Gran Canaria said...

I am thinking of getting into the real estate business but Utah real estate economy sure has slowed down a lot lately.