Friday, June 10, 2011

Year over Year Inventory is Down

We are seeing more positive signs for the Logan Real Estate Market, the number of homes for sale, the active inventory is down from levels in June of last year as well as June of 2009. There are currently 802 homes for sale in Cache County Utah. At this time a year ago there were 839 MLS listed properties.

The reduced number of homes for sale is one indicator that we have seen a bottom in the market, and that things are starting to improve. This doesn't necessarily mean that home prices wont' drop more, in fact they likely still will, prices almost always lag behind home sales.

For some more positive real estate news, home sales were improved last month compared with April, and the number of homes currently under contract is up from a month ago. May saw 86 residential homes sale, up from just 66 in April. Right now there are 151 under contract properties, up from 148 a month ago. This indicates that June sales will be improved over May.

The homes that sold last month had the highest median and average prices we've seen since January. The Average sales price was $172,430, while the median sales price was $155,950.

This doesn't mean prices are going up, just that there were more expensive homes that sold last month.

Nationwide home prices are now at levels they were in 2002. The housing bubble nationally has completely erased, and then some. However that statistic doesn't really apply to us. This isn't Atlanta Real Estate, this is Cache Valley Real Estate. Our real estate values haven't fallen that far. May's average sales price of $172,430 is at about the average price we saw in the Summer of 2006.

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