Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Run Part 2- $4,000 for New Construction Homes

  • The home run grant for new construction properties is back. It's a little less per person, but more people will be able to benefit from it. Here are a few highlight details of Home Run Part II.

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    • 1,950 home buyers will get to take advantage of this home buying incentive.
    • The Guidelines between this and the first Home Run Grant program are mostly the same.
    • The main difference is that buyers can receive grants for homes that will be built.
    • Married couples must have annual incomes of less than $150,000, singles less than $75,000.
    • Buyers need to use a Utah Housing Corporation approved lender.  The lender arranges for the grant money.
    • Utah housing will provide a “grant commitment” which will be good as long as the home is completed by June 30th of next year.
    • If the property is an existing home, that has neverbeen lived in, then the the buyer has just 10 days to use.
    • This should be a good boost to the economy for Utah Builders.
    • These grant certificates will likely run out quickly, so if  you want to buy one of these homes, start looking now. Find Homes for Sale in Utah.

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