Thursday, September 3, 2009

Logan Summer Home Sales Numbers on Par With 2008

Summer is the busiest time for real estate sales in Cache Valley. From June 1st through the end of August 2009 home sales were almost identical to home sales numbers in 2008. The difference, is in the type of homes that sold.

The average sold price for Cache Valley Homes in 2009 was down 6.28%. The median home sold price was down 4.52%. This doesn't necessarily mean that home values are down this much, what this shows us is that the lower priced homes are the ones selling.

I broke home sales down into four categories typical for Cache County Homes. These are generalizations, and just categories put together by price. Homes less than $120,000, I considered Low End Homes. Homes for Sale between $120,001-and $180,000 are Starter Homes, $180,001-$250,000 are Moderate Homes, $250,000-$400,000 are classified as High End Homes, and Homes above $250,000 I classified as Luxury Homes.

This year home sales of the "Low End" and "Starter Homes" were up by about 10%. Many of these home sales can be attributed to the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit. Home Sales for All other price ranges was down. Only 3% of the homes that sold during the summer were "Luxury Homes," however, nearly 12% of the active Logan Home Listings are in the Luxury Home price range. This represents a huge surplus in the Luxury inventory.

As you can see, from the current homes for sale in Cache Valley, there is a much smaller piece of the pie for the Low end and starter homes compared with the homes that have sold during 2009.

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