Friday, October 16, 2009

Cache County Home Sales for Third Quarter

Home sales in Cache County during the third quarter were down by about 5% compared with the third quarter of last year. They were up compared with last quarter, but that's a poor indication as to what is happening with the real estate market because Cache County real estate is so seasonal. The third quarter is traditionally the strongest period for Home Sales in Cache Valley. Home sales during the third quarter have continually dropped for the last four years.

Even though home sales were down during the third quarter, the trend does show improvement. They are considerably, "less down" than they were during the first half of the year. During the first two quarters of 2009, Cache County home sales were down by double digits.

Prices of homes sold in Cache County during the third quarter is also down. The median Q3 sold price of $166,727 is less than the median sold price of 2007. This doesn't necessarily mean that home values are less than they were in 2007, but it does show that a large percentage of the Homes in Logan Utah that are selling are of the more affordable variety.

Overall the recovery of the Logan Utah Real Estate market appears to be slower than in other parts of Utah. Areas like Utah County, and Davis County Real Estate have seen third quarter improvements compared with last year.


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The home sales is bound to decrease if we compare it to last year sales, because last year people have the good buying capacity but due to this ongoing global economic recession people's buying capacity has decreased as a result the sale index for almost all indexes is going down.

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slow recovery but still its good rather than not improving..