Monday, October 5, 2009

September Home Sales and Prices Down for Logan

After the best month in the year, Cache County home sales were down a little in September. Just 88 homes have been reported sold compared with 116 in August, and down from 100 of September of last year.

The average price of homes sold during September was also much lower than it has been in recent times. The median sold price of Cache County Homes was just $154,000. This means that half of the 88 properties sold were less than $154,000.

Cache County currently has 755 homes for sale. This includes homes for sale in Logan Utah, North Logan Homes, Providence Utah Homes, Smithfield Utah Homes, Hyrum Utah Homes, Nibley Utah Homes, and the more rural areas of Cache Valley. At Septembers Sales pace, Cache County has nearly 9 months of active inventory.

Winter is approaching and home sales are typically much slower during the colder months of the year. October and November should still be pretty good months for home sales with the expiration of the first time buyer tax credit.

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